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Tools required for Exothermic Welding Process | Exothermic Weld Accessories

Exothermic Welding Accessories Toolkit Manufacturer ? Offering you a complete choice of products which include Exothermic Weld Accessories ? Graphite Mould, Exothermic Welding Accessories ? Steel Metal Disk, Exothermic Welding Accessories ? Starting / Ignite Powder, Exothermic Weld Accessories ? Soft Brush and Hard Brush, Exothermic Weld Accessories ? Flint Igniter OR Gun and Exothermic Welding Accessories ? Mould Handle Clamp.

1) Graphite mold

It is made of high quality graphite suitable for high quality welding work and can be used for several times. The exothermic welding reaction takes place in a specially designed, semi°ĺpermanent graphite mold. The mold is designed and manufactured with a specific weld cavity and it is in this cavity that the molten metal is allowed to flow to all sections of the required connection creating the permanent connection.

The connection mold is designed to last for an average of 30 to 100 connections depending upon the amount of Powder used per Joint (More the Powder Consumption per Joint, less will be the Connection & vice versa).

This will also vary according to the care given the mold during use. We recommend not using Mold for more than 60 to 70 Connection because the Weld cavity Size increases after every joint, eventually making the Weld Cavity shape improper resulting in improper shape Joint.

2) Mold Handle Clamp (Universal)

These will fit 90% of all standard exothermic Molds especially for the Graphite Mold which consumes less than 250 grams Powder.

Normally we recommend one Handle for every three molds

3) Steel Metal Disk

Steel discs are very important. The disc acts timing device to allow the welding powder to heat to proper temperature, the disc away allowing the molten copper to a point where it would weld metal to enter the weld gravity before ignition. One Metal Disc is must for every shot

Normally we recommend one Handle for every three molds

4) Exothermic Welding Powder ? Amiable-Weld Powder

Exothermic Weld Powder is the most reliable and consistently-performing weld metal available with us. Quality validation steps are taken for every lot we produce. Upon final acceptance, our weld metal is specially packaged in moisture-resistant plastic tubes with special closure caps. Then the cartridges and required metal discs are packaged in moisture-resistant boxes. All sizes of weld metal are available.

Standards Size Packing available are ? 15 Grams, 25 Grams, 45 Grams, 65 Grams, 90 Grams, 115 Grams, 150 Grams, 200 Grams, 250 Grams

Our standard packing for welding powder is the following ? Firstly welding powder is in the tube and starting powder / Ignite Powder is in tube at the bottom of welding powder as shown in diagram 1.2.

5) Ignite Powder (Starting Powder)

Ignite Powder also known as Starting Powder is required and is must.
Pour little Starting Powder on the Mold followed by the Exothermic Weld powder and again pour little on the Top Side of Mold. Then, Ignite starting powder with a spark gun.

This resulting exothermic reaction reduces the weld powder to molten copper alloy. The molten copper alloy melts the retaining disc and flows into the weld cavity. Ignite Powder of 5 grams is sufficient for this Process.

6) Hand Gloves

Gloves is required for safety purpose as the Exothermic Weld Powder melts at more than 1400 degree Celcius. One Hand Gloves Good for 250 Joints.

Normally we recommend one Handle for every three molds

7) Flint Gun

It is designed with the advantages of safety and convenience. It is used to ignite starting Powder in order to result in exothermic reaction.

We recommend one Flint Gun for every 80 Shots.

8) Brush (Soft and Hard)

We offer two type of Brushes:

1) Soft Brush ? Its used to Clean Mold Weld Cavity because its shape is very sensitive and cavity should not be any damage while using Brush, so we recommend to use Soft Brush to Clean Mold Weld Cavity.
2) Hard Brush ? Its used to clean other section of Mold

We recommend a Pair of Brush for 50 Connection

9) Slag Removal Tool

It is used to remove the metal Metal Scrap and Dust from the Mold.

We recommend one Slag Tool for 250 Connection

10) File Card Brush

It is used to clean the objects to be welded to remove rust and dirt.

We recommend one Slag Tool for 100 Connection

11) Sealing Compound

Sealing Compound is used to fill the gap on the mold where the conductor is passing.

We recommend one Packet of Sealing Compound for 100 Connection

12) Flame Torch

Graphite absorbs moisture from weather. So there is a need for propane torch to dry out the inside of the mould thoroughly on both sides, therefore heating the mold to approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

We recommend using one Flame torch for Every 200 Joint and than use the Refilling.

13) Safety Eye Glasses

Safety Eye Glass should be wear to protect eyes.

We recommend one Glasses for 500 Joints

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